Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Excellent! Movie "1944" on-line free, but not subtitled

I got this last night from fellow reenactor, Jeffrey Lea. I haven't tried to watch it yet. Below, are his comments.

I found the new WWII movie "1944" on-line free, but not subtitled. Great detail. Good imagery of nearly all the Nazi & Ruskie small arms models! Can't wait to watch a subtitled or dubbed version. In the meantime, just skip to the action scenes.


  1. Brock please fix that link its hacked. Thank you Sir.

  2. hmm I get jacked every time. damn that Obummer!

  3. It opened for me but spawned all sorts of hell. no problems if it affects no one else. I was just trying to help. perhaps its nothing. -Bill

  4. I've seen it in bits and pieces on youtube, but never in it's entirety, Good movie.

    From what I've seen around the 'net, the Russians are sorta big into WW2 re-enactments.They ought to be; they've got enough weapons and equipment they warehoused from both sides in that war, not to mention all the 'battle-field pickups' that were collected by the citizens. :)

    Central Alabamaian

    1. Russians are sorta big into WW2 re-enactments.

      Yes, big time. I've posted some pictures on them at times.

    2. Hey Brock, I recently saw "Fortress" on Netflix. Decent movie about the (almost revolving door replacement) crew of a B-17 operating in North Africa during operation Husky.
      Thought you might enjoy.