Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Unreal. Judge Allows Student Back on Campus After He Threatened to Murder 16 Whites

Via Billy

 jabari dean
jabari dean

Jabari Dean (c.) leaves the U.S. Dirksen Federal Courthouse Tuesday with his lawyer (l.). (DNA Info)

A federal judge allowed Jabari Dean back on campus after he threatened to murder the white students.

DNA Info reported:

Officials and family members said they didn’t think Dean had the means to commit the crimes he threatened. His uncle couldn’t say why he targeted the Hyde Park school.


  1. Off topic. Happening now.
    Is there a drill going on; is this engineered as Steven Seagal, whom I admire, states:

  2. time for "whites" to form our own - law suit groups!!

  3. In regards to San Bernardino, CNN blames domestic militias at 1625
    and again at 1642.

  4. C'mon. Let's not sugar coat. Words mean things.

    The goon said he'd kill 'white devils' not 'white students.'

    We lose unless we're willing to call a 'spade' a 'spade'.

    Oh yeah, pun intended.

    1. Just think: How many commies have been hiding in waiting until another one got elected.

  5. If it had been a white threatening to kill blacks he would not only been held without bail but immediately put in with the genereal population of the worst possible wi g of the worst possible prison availsble. In other words given an immediate death sentence before the first hearing could be held.