Wednesday, December 2, 2015

FAROOQ SAEED is suspect’s name in #SanBernadino Mass Shooting

Via Ryan

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UPDATE to California mass shooting: Scanner Report: Suspect Named Farooq Saeed.
14 dead, 14 wounded.

Three killers still at large. They got away. “They came here as if they were on a mission,” police chief.

The shooting took place at Inland Regional Center, a GUN FREE ZONE.


  1. Heh!

    I'm going to make a "wild" guess that nobody named Bubba was involved in this terrorist attack. ( I have a good friend named Bubba, so no offense intended for folks named Bubba :) )

    Or Big Earl, Rufus, Billy Joe, or Bobby Sue either.

    Nor Boudreaux, Fontenot, or Thibodeaux.

    Plus Smith, Johnson, Cooper, or Ritter, and so forth.

    When it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, it's for sure it's not a chicken.

    Central Alabamaian

  2. Yeah,well....fook Farooq, and all his kin.

    Somewhere behind enemy lines
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia

  3. Humm----Syed Farook (his brother is also involved in the killings it looks like...)

    A GOVERNMENT Employee----CHECK!

    "Farook, who also went by his middle name, Raheel, was a business taxes representative for the California State Board of Equalization, according to his LinkedIn profile. He is a 2003 graduate La Sierra High School, and most recently studied finance at California State University Fullerton until 2013."


    A man who identified himself as Farook’s father told the Daily News his son worked as a health technician inspecting restaurants and hotels.

    “I haven’t heard anything. He worked in a county office,” Farook's dad told The News. “He’s married and has a kid. We’re estranged because my wife got the divorce, and they are together. She doesn’t want to see me.”

    Farook said he hasn’t seen his son in some time.

    “He was very religious. He would go to work, come back, go to pray, come back. He’s Muslim.”

    And lets all laugh when we find out the Weapons and Explosives----were all government issued to Farook.....cause he might have to defend himself against all those tea party constitutionalists out there!!!

    Hey Obama! ---- Suck IT!

    1. Hey Obama! ---- Suck IT!

      :) Cover up department is hard at work.

  4. And then again, are we being played? No helicopters allowed to track the runaway black SUV, plus other similarities to the other "shootings" where the Govt. just happens to be conducting training exercises and are johnny on the spot.

  5. And this surprises who?

    1. No one who I know! :)

  6. When I turned on the boob tube at 1600 hrs nothing on but the Kalifornication shooting. Muslim I said to myself, terrorist most likely. At 0400 turned the tube back on and yes, my suspicions have proven correct. Mean while the Muslim n Chief makes war on guns. Swallows a camel and chokes on a gnat. Demands change and Kalifornication has some of the worst gun laws in the nation.

    1. Mean while the Muslim n Chief makes war on guns.

      Logical for a liberal.