Friday, December 18, 2015

Forced Diversity: Obama Administration Begins Redistributing Poor Inner City Families to US Suburbs

Via sauced07

obama suburbs
The new HUD rule is really about changing the way Americans live. It is part of a broader suite of initiatives designed to block suburban development, press Americans into hyper-dense cities, and force us out of our cars. Government-mandated ethnic and racial diversification plays a role in this scheme, yet the broader goal is forced “economic integration.”
The ultimate vision is to make all neighborhoods more or less alike, turning traditional cities into ultra-dense Manhattans, while making suburbs look more like cities do now. In this centrally-planned utopia, steadily increasing numbers will live cheek-by-jowl in “stack and pack” high-rises close to public transportation, while automobiles fall into relative disuse.


  1. If you like your new dindu nuffins family you can keep them.

  2. The Feds have already messed this all up for the American poor. This plan is for the "new" people coming to America, the so-called refugees who will be relocated into all that vacant housing in your/my community. This is way worse than you can ever imagine. The last peg in the fundamental transformation.

  3. In America, if you won't go to the ghetto, the ghetto will come to you!

    It's all for the 'children', of course.

    When I was a child, if you looked like an adult and acted like an adult, your were treated as an adult regardless of the day of your birth. Now-a-days, everybody's treated as a perpetual child, with the accompanying fact that most act like the way they're treated. That dream is about to be abruptly interrupted. Then, maybe, we can ALL live in the world of reality; at least the ones of us still alive after all the 'children' who refuse to accept the wake-up call have been thoroughly punished.


    Central Alabamaian