Friday, December 18, 2015

"Funny how my comments, successfully posted, disappear.

Via David: I guess the editors don't like Conservatives 'hitting back twice as hard'. It must ruin
all their fun and diminish their acclaim from their fellow travelers."

Well, if Shrillary Rotten Clinton had not had a PRIVATE EMAIL SERVER that was specifically designed to evade FOIA requests, had followed the law, and not lied while violating numerous federal laws, the GOP wouldn't have to keep probing.

If PP didn't FIGHT a GOP attempt to get birth control pills made into over-the- counter medication, so as to maintain the need for a billable visit to a PP facility...

But let's apply "Liberal Logic" (There's an oxymoron) to such things as gun control,
the Syrian refugees, and other things.

Despite the fact that Americans are increasingly opposed to gun control, the Left pursues it relentlessly.  Despite the fact that Americans do not want these refugees with potential ISIS infiltration agents here, not to mention the fact that in EVERY OTHER COUNTRY where large numbers of Muslim immigrants have settled, crimes like robbery, assault, rape, arson, and even murder have skyrocketed.  Failing to learn from the examples of others, Leftists want future votes.  That's all that matters to them.  NOT rapes, NOT crime, NOT murders.

Let us, indeed, discuss the outright fraud that is "climate change". Sea levels are rising at rates consistent with centuries prior; they are not accelerating.  Both arctic and antarctic ice are approaching decadal highs.

Global temperatures have not changed in almost two decades, invalidating the climate models as accurate representations to a 95% confidence level. Extreme weather events, cited as "proof", can be found from historical records of hundreds of years ago - to thoughtful people, this eliminates these from being considered extreme.

And the "hottest year on record" - by a whopping one hundredth of a degree, was obtained by NASA and NOAA committing massive fraud by altering historical data to artificially cool the past.

Truth does not need critics silenced, even charged and convicted as some climatistas have pushed.  True scientists welcome skeptics and competing theories and they don't conspire to silence dissenters.

Ultimately, "climate change" fails the basic tests of science, such as:

1. Unlike a REAL SCIENCE CC data and analysis methods are not openly shared for
independent verification.

2. Unlike a REAL SCIENCE Warmists believe models are better than actual data measurements.

3. Unlike a REAL SCIENCE Warmists discard inconvenient data if they don't fit the desired curves.

I could go on, but a discussion of REAL SCIENCE is subtle and nuanced, and requires an open mind.


  1. Yep, in the real world "Weird Science" is a movie, not reality.

    Waaaa! I wanna play my game, not yours! Waaaa!

    It's all about the children.

    Speaking of which, in the real world, it's past time for my dinner, and I'm hungry. Waaaa! :)

    Central Alabamaian