Monday, December 21, 2015

In Defense of Donald Trump's Namecalling

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Donald Trump likes to call people "stupid." And/or "loser."  

Obviously, it's juvenile.   

Also obviously, Republican primary voters are into it. They like Trump's short declarative sentences -- the secret sauce of which is namecalling.   

Trump's namecalling, so loud and so short on specifics, drives the establishment political writers who dominate corporate media crazy. I suspect this is because it doesn't give them much to do: no 12-point plans to debunk, no statistics to factcheck, no rhetorical rabbit holes in which to run around in circles at 50 cents a word.  

I think it's fabulous.   

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  1. It's like Jeb calling Trump and jerk while same time telling Trump he cannot insult his way to the Presidency.

    Found Trump's recruitment video that Hillary spoke of and I love it and support is as well.

  2. Trump is very smart.

    the left and the commies (same thing really) like to tell us not to use ad hominem attacks yet that is all the left and commies do themselves.

    you can not reason with the left/commies since they only respond to emotions, so calling them stupid hits them at their core, they do not want to look stupid.

    it is about time someone started to give them a bit of their own tactics. well done Donald.

    1. Yes and they hate being called liberals or commies, so I make sure to use them.