Monday, December 28, 2015

Jesus depictions today further promote a white supremacist agenda

Via Billy

Commies emerging from the woodwork.

To be clear, Christmas in the United States, despite the name, has very little to do with Jesus Christ and everything to do with consumerism and gift giving.

However, side by side with Easter, it’s also the time when we are most likely to see depictions of Jesus used as tools of white supremacy.

In Atlanta, I see them everywhere I go. Jesus as a blond-haired, blue-eyed baby and his blue-eyed supermodel mother are ubiquitous and done without even a slight hint of humor. It's preposterous. It would truly be no different from depicting Christopher Columbus as a dark-skinned African or Thomas Jefferson as a long-haired Latino. People actually look a certain way.

More commie talk @ New York Daily News


  1. A. The only group that I see blatantly supporting racism is the "Black Lives Matter" bunch and their satellite groups.
    B. The last movie that included Jesus that I saw was on the History Channel. They showed Jesus as a Middle Eastern looking man with a dark complexion. I think the folks at the NY Post aren't trying very hard to disprove their point.
    C. We are not absolutely certain what the hair color and complexion of the Egyptians was 2000 years ago. Their paintings show many types of complexions and hair color.
    D. The author of this piece seems angry, but I'm not sure what he's angry about. The Bible never really describes Jesus, Jesus' father was the Holy Spirit, so the movies can depict him any way they want. The odds are he was dark complected, but he is supernatural, so who knows? Maybe the writer should visit a psychologist to find out what he's really mad about. Or he could pray to Jesus about it.

    1. Virtually every piece he writes runs along the same theme.