Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Person I Admire, By Dixie And Daddy

 I looked for years until I found one that I thought truly looked like General Lee and when I saw this one, I immediately bought it. I believe he used the picture of Lee standing on the porch at his home in Richmond after his return for the likeness. Very similar.

A Person I Admire

By Dixie Townsend
Nine Years Old

Rocky Mount Telegram
March 3, 2006


  1. "Indomitable Spirit" is written all over him, from the expression on his face, to the posture of his body.

    Beaten, but not Defeated.

    Central Alabamaian

    1. I told my sister that if I were a Lee I would have removed all the Lee bodies from W&L to Beauvoir where they would have been honored.

  2. That man has class written all over him.

  3. Brock...do you know of a good source to obtain a decent quality print of this piece? It has class for a class man.

    1. Unfortunately, it appears all that is now offered is the print on canvas for $500, not that it is a ridiculous price, as it will seem to be an actual oil painting.



      This isn't clear at all, but below is an actual photograph of my 3X g grandfather from his portrait in the Chapel Hill Planetarium and the NCSC chambers.It was then put on canvas and when you walk into the room, his eyes follow you. Difficult to tell otherwise.



    2. I forgot, my grandfather one cost me $600 many years ago and it's probably much more now for an excellent photographer to do the same. The photographer went to the source, had the paining taken down and propped up. She then took 25 pictures with about the best camera in the world, then picked the best for the canvas. (I had others who tried to sell me on using artificial light and touch up, but no way.)She did not use artificial light or do any touch-up. She's in Raleigh by the way.