Tuesday, January 19, 2016

After Cologne, Feminism is Dead



If German history in general is short on laughs (even Schopenhauer’s explanation of the psychology of humour in The World As Will and Representation is unrelentingly miserable) the period 1933 to 1945 is emphatically joyless. Though one of the few tragi-comic chapters in the horror story of Nazism concerns a strange little organization called the Association of German National Jews. They were a pro-National Socialist Jewish group whose membership not only welcomed Hitler’s accession but actively promoted the self-eradication of Jewish identity and its absorption into the new, heroic, master-culture represented by the Nazis (it was said of them, tongue only partly in cheek, that their motto was “down with us”). In 1935, predictably and forcibly, the group was disbanded. Whereas Stalin had his useful idiots, for Hitler there could be no useful Jews.

With the above in mind, Marx needs revision.

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  1. Consider the hypocrisy here, women are sexually assaulted, molested and harassed in Cologne by a pack of "migrant" men and the silence by the professional feminist was deafening. Now imagine, what the response would have been had just ONE incident had happened not in cologne by a pack of Muslim men, but a bunch of frat boys at a frat party? Yeah, we all know that all hell would have broken loose. It would have been in our faces for months. Feminism has zero credibility.

    Consider as well how those in power and their enforcers, who rule over the average citizen did NOT protect them from harm, but did their best to ignore or cover-up the crimes committed by the Muslim immigrants...er....invaders. Once again, a history lesson retaught: the biggest threat to your safety and property is your own government. They will with zero hesitation steal your property and kill you.

    1. They are insane.


      They will with zero hesitation steal your property and kill you.

      Without a doubt.