Saturday, February 6, 2016

NC: Fight For The Farm

Via Anthony

CSX has announced a massive project in Johnston County. 

NC tax credit could save CSX millions on Selma cargo hub 

NCDOT still considering cargo project after criticism from McCrory and Johnston County leaders.

A consultant’s study cites economic benefits to the state and CSX.

Railroad and local officials quiet about prospects for an alternative site.


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  1. CSX built a hub in McCalla, Alabama, right where cow pastures used to be. My aunt now has lights and sounds all night long, less then 350 yards from her back door. There was a commotion in the community when it was announced, but it was already a done deal: 'here's your gruel, now eat it'. According to her, there were/still are some mighty ticked-off people around there.

    Central Alabamaian

    1. 'here's your gruel, now eat it'.

      What a shame. Thanks.

  2. We'll wait and see what develops. I don't see where the State should get a free pass fo doing the same thing as the Feds. Property rights are property rights, and a land grab is still a land grab. If it doesn't die on the vine, we may have our own little set-to righr here in River City, with the chance to work on our organizing skills.