Monday, March 7, 2016

Time for civility is past: Why I support Trump — and resent the elites trying to destroy him

Via comment by Quartermain on "Trump Nation Sick ‘N Tired of Racial Sadomasochism..."

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Let me say up front that I am a lifelong Republican and conservative. I have never voted for a Democrat in my life and have voted in every presidential and midterm election since 1988. I have never in my life considered myself anything but a conservative. I am pained to admit that the conservative media and many conservatives’ reaction to Donald Trump has caused me to no longer consider myself part of the movement.

I would suggest to you that if you have lost people like me, and I am not alone, you might want to reconsider your reaction to Donald Trump. Let me explain why.

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  1. Just e-mailed this, with the link, to old Republican friends.

    "Wish I could have co-signed this article." Like the writer I have never voted for a Democrat. Starting with Eisenhower in 1956 it has been only Republicans, except for Ross Perot and Gary Johnson. Like the writer, I was in the Army Reserves for eight years and worked for the Army a total of 34 years, as an Aerospace Engineer and Manager.

    Election years saw me meeting with local, state, and Congressional Republican leaders planning get out the vote strategies Election days found me standing in the sidewalk and street at voting sites handing out candidates' flyers, usually in Virginia's rain and snow.

    I started cooling on Republicans in 1992 when Bush 41 claimed he knew nothing of Iran-Contra, which claim was an outrageous lie, blaming it all on Reagan. I voted for his lying, phony, claiming to be a Christian, son, Bush 43 twice, to fight Gore and Kerry. All those men that I would never have gone into combat with. My Mother always said "Voting for the lesser of two evils is voting for evil." I take some small comfort in proving her right at least once.

    Trump's mistake has been in taking the yapping pups, Cruz and Rubio, seriously. Kasich and Carson are real men. The rest are of little consequence.

    I was taught "Don't wrestle with pigs. You just get dirty and they enjoy it."

    My only question in this election is "Who can best save the country?" If the Stupid Party does not run Trump, I'll write him in."

    Horace "14 days 'til 83 Winters" Smith

    Also an Army son and grandson.

  2. Trump is the man for president. Who would want the likes
    of the Clinton trash to lead anything other than a gangbanger
    club. Speaking of trash, look at this pic of the off-shoot.
    Trump was right; they's evil.

    1. Good find. Thanks.