Sunday, April 3, 2016

Actor SCOTT BAIO Speaks Out on his Support for Donald Trump

Via Billy

Actor Scott Baio, a former Republican who describes himself today as an independent conservative, spoke with Maria Bartiromo today on his support for Donald Trump for President.

Baio joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures to talk about his support for Donald J. Trump for president.
Scott Baio: The Republican Party, which I try not to associate myself with anymore because I think they’re very untrustworthy on almost every issue, they always seem to have this mentality that they don’t want to get down in the dirt. They want to be above the fray and they want to be perceived as nice and they get killed.
Maria Bartiromo: And then nothing gets done.
Scott Baio: And they lose elections because they don’t want to fight. When you fight, you fight to win. And they don’t ever want to fight. And I can’t understand it.


  1. Who cares who the Republicans vote for? They are just Democrats in disguise anyway.