Sunday, April 3, 2016

“This Is America” – Watch As Secret Service Agent Slams Turkish President’s Body Guard Goons For Trying To Silence Protesters

Via comment by Anonymous on "John Kerry’s New Terror Treason: Befriending Commu...":

It may be completely legal for Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s minions to silence the voices of journalists, bloggers and other outspoken critics when in Turkey.

But when you’re in America, Jack, your autocratic tendencies and dictatorial inclinations are fair game for protesters, the media and our citizenry.

That’s the message the Turkish President’s body guards got from a Secret Service agent on President Obama’s security detail in Washington after Erdogan’s goons started ripping anti-Erdogan flyers out of peoples’ hands, physically assaulting them and throwing them the middle finger.

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  1. Yes.

    This is America. We have free speech rights. We don't flip off protesters or assault them like you do in Turkey.

    We shoot them dead.

    Ask Lavoy.

    Utter laughable BS this video...