Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?

Via comment by Anonymous on "Reply To: NC: FEDERAL JUDGES COULD FORCE MIDDLE S...":


  1. I might have met this fellow once. At least he looks like the fellow I knew in Jerusalem that is Jewish. I do not remember exactly where but I think I was visiting a Russian Orthodox church over there and talked with him.

    1. Interesting, seems like his dress fits in. Thanks.

  2. Here my issue regarding this transgender debate. As a Christian, who believes the Holy Bible is the word of God, I believe God did create us, male and female. For a "transgender" person (mentally unhinged) to state that they were born the "wrong" sex and that they "identify" with the opposite sex and wish to become that other is to state that the God who created you made a mistake at the most basic level. Are you male or female? It is blasphemy (in my never to be humble opinion). Notice too, how the homosexual and the other perverted sex groups are rabid in their hatred of Christianity? They have made the worship of the sex organs their g-o-d. Of course they will always be unhappy, angry and mentally unhinged, they are in full denial to be what their nature dictates to them. They are denying the gifts that come with being what their were born as. Yeah, yeah, I am being very politically incorrect, but I am calling it as I see it.