Sunday, May 1, 2016

As I Mentioned Previously, I Knew I Shouldn't Travel on April 30th :)

So, I arrive at the airport and the lock on the gun case comes open, so they won't accept it.  Fortunately one of the cops checked it out moved the lever over and convinced the doubtful clerk it was good to go though I thought that if it moved by itself before, it might again.  In Phoenix two attendants came to ask for the keys as it had come open again and told me I could file a claim for damage. :) At any rate, they re-locked it, taped it up and brought the keys on board.  Very pleasant.  Unfortunately I also took a hard fall on one of the moving walkways and may have broken a rib, but not sure yet.  broke three ribs. :( Next, the fight to Charlotte was delayed so my fight to New Bern was canceled, but I was able to take a flight to Wilmington in a short time though they said they wouldn't pay for my transportation home.  Going to pick up my gun case as it didn't appear in the baggage area, they said it was still in Charlotte but the number was registered to someone else! Don't know how they managed that.  So rented a car to go home which a friend returned today and now have to go to New Bern to pick up my car that was left there and  hopefully my gun case. :)


  1. Wow - bad cloud over you this trip :(
    I'm 20mins from CLT airport when there's no traffic so hit me up if you need a lift next time passing through ;)
    I'd offer you a ride from here, home, but holy sheet, New Bern is waaaaay East.
    What would we talk about for 5 hours? :)

    1. Thanks but we could just go drink/tell lies until one was going to New Bern.:)