Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Trump Test

Via Frank "Best Quote: "For all his faults as a candidate, Trump is forcing a sea change in the American political discourse. His campaign for the presidency has certainly shifted the terms of the debate over foreign policy, not only in the GOP but generally. Senator Rand Paul’s candidacy was dogged by questions about his lack of “orthodoxy” on foreign policy issues. That orthodoxy has now been smashed to smithereens, and future Rand Pauls will face no such suspicious inquiries. Candidates will no longer be required to sing, in unison, “the false song of globalism” – and we have Donald Trump to thank for that."

 The reaction to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s much-awaited foreign policy speech from the Washington elites was all-too-predictable: they sneered and snickered that he had mispronounced “Tanzania.” The more substantive criticisms weren’t much better: perpetual warmonger Lindsey Graham, whose presidential bid garnered zero percent in the polls, tweeted “Trump’s FP speech not conservative. It’s isolationism surrounded by disconnected thought, demonstrates lack of understanding threats we face.” For Graham, anything less than starting World War III is “isolationism” – a view that gives us some insight into why his presidential campaign was the biggest flop since the “new” Coke. This is the party line of neoconservatives who have long dominated Republican foreign policy orthodoxy, to the GOP’s detriment. Neocon character assassin Jamie Kirchick, writing in the European edition of Politico, put a new gloss on it by claiming to detect a Vast Kremlin Conspiracy as the animating spirit behind the Trump campaign.

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  1. The speech was a powerful tour de force. Trump boldly stepped forward to stick his thumb into the eye of the neocon establishment. After the establishment put forth their weakest clowns i.e. Linsey the closet queen to produce vacuous condemnations there has been utter silense. A clear indication that they want as little attention as possible paid to it. They have made no attempt at an sort of deconstruction or point by point analysis, because they have none and they know it.

    On a tangential note:

    1. Good one. Thanks.

  2. I do not see much reason to start WWIII. And besides that I do not see anything Russia doing that is anything different than their usual policy of protecting their own people and interests. In the Ukraine they sent support for people that either were actual Russians that happen to live in the Ukraine of people that wanted an alliance with Russia and we know anyway Russian does not want NATO Expansion. If the Ukraine had not taken the first steps towards NATO by trying to be part of the economic union of the EU then nothing would have happened. In the ME Russia is also just protecting its own interests as usual. What is the surprise?