Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trump is the warning shot. He’s the food riots before the revolution.

Via David

One of the more irritating things about the current election is the obtuseness of the media, particularly the so-called conservative media. They insist on assigning motives to Trump voters that are at odds with observable reality. For months now the official narrative has been that Trump is powered by toothless hillbillies, high on meth and anger at the dusky fellows. Voting Trump is how these losers are lashing out in anger, always in anger. Never mind that the data says the opposite.

The narrative, coincidentally, always speaks to the wonderfulness of conservative media. Similarly, they tar Trump with every offense to decency, even though he is often saying the things these same conservatives used to say a decade or two ago. According to the modern conservative, anyone holding the opinions common a few decades ago is a monster. Hilariously, Trump’s lack of a political ambition is held against him by conservatives. Again, the critique is always about the critic in these cases.

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  1. I don't believe that Trump was a warning shot. If he was, explain why every RINO incumbent,so far, in the senate won their primaries. Trump cleared the field, but he is the whole enchilada.

  2. I am neither a hillbillie or blue collar worker but I stand
    with Trump because I was born and raised in these united
    States and I know what America is all about and can see the
    commies are at it again. We will keep America First and free from their grubby, fat hands. I am a fifth generation
    American. Yea!

  3. There is ONE and only ONE political party in the FUSA. It is completely dedicated to the destruction of the US and the implementation of a global communist government. That "governance" is called the UN at present. Nothing will change in any slightest way if Trump "wins" or not. He IS the "system". So is ANYONE and EVERYONE who is allowed to "run" for president(or any other national office) by the ruling Junta in DC. Everything else is pure fantasy. Trump is a TV star con man who was placed in this "race" by your masters to "defuse" a possible revolution. He is not Americas savior. Nor will he change Americas "direction" in any way. He is the "right wing's" Obama. EVERYTHING about this "election" is manufactured and crafted by the Junta to get the desired outcome. Expecting ANY policy change that is not chosen by the Junta, under Trump (or ANYONE ELSE) is deluded. America is a military dictatorship run by a Junta and has been since 1864. "Ballot" Voting will never change that.

    1. Nothing will change in any slightest way if Trump "wins" or not.

      Totally disagree.


      allowed to "run" for president(or any other national office) by the ruling Junta in DC.

      This is a fallacy as Trump is not being 'allowed' to run and they will kill him if they think they could get away wit it.