Thursday, May 5, 2016

One Month Notice: 9th NC PATCON June 1 - June 6th 2016


Two weeks until payment deadline.

9th NC PATCON June 1 - June 6th 2016


  1. Would love to go...being an old man who is young at heart my only "Glitch" these daze is as and I would like you to twist the "Way Back" to that ol' movie,"The Right Stuff!!" at the beginning when the "MEN!!" at Edwards were tryin' to bust the "Sound Barrier!!" over at "Pancho's" one of those Engineers from "Douglas," "Grumman," and the like said,"'Ya know what makes those Airplanes Fly...'FUNDING!!!!'...'No Bucks...No Buck Rogers!!!!"
    June First eh?? May not make it for "PATCON" but I will be back up to NC as soon as I can.......I will keep you posted...
    Blue skies,