Friday, June 24, 2016

1963 Ford Galaxie 500XL Fastback R-Code 427 CI, 4-Speed 
 My First Car. Daddy had a non-fastback 390/auto, white with red interior.
  • Block casting C3AE-015AB, heads C3AE-H, rods C3AE-C, camshaft C4AE 6250 B, exhaust manifolds C3AE-9481-D and C2AE-9430-B, distributor C3AF-12127-AE, balancer C4AE
  • Transmission upgraded to 1964 cast iron, same as factory race cars
  • 4.10 rear axle
  • Letter from Lee Holman of Holman & Moody, Inc.
  • Frame-off restoration
  • Some aftermarket parts added during restoration
  • Rare right-hand-drive export dash
  • Two sets of wheels and tires
  • Built to race in Australia but never raced there
  • For Colorado residents of counties requiring emissions, this vehicle must be registered as a collector car

  • By 1963, Ford was just warming up to its racing efforts with the introduction of 427-cubic-inch V-8 engines. The trickledown effect from the race cars to the street cars was remarkable and put Ford in the public eye. Being able to buy a “race car” right from the showroom played into the classic ‘race on Sunday, sell on Monday’ formula, and it worked very well for the Blue Oval. With competition from Chevrolet and Plymouth omnipresent and unyielding, Ford had to keep pace, and the Galaxie 500XL was one of those cars that carried the torch. This R-Code 1963 Galaxie 500XL features the 427/425 HP engine with the upgraded 1964 cast-iron transmission and 4.10:1 rear axle like the factory race cars. Built to race in Australia, it never competed, but features the unique and super-rare right-hand-drive export dashboard. Being sold with two sets of wheels and tires, the frame-off restored car comes rounded out with a letter from Lee Holman of Holman & Moody, Inc., hugely responsible for many race-winning Ford race cars of the era.

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