Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Crypto-Anarchist Will Help You Build a DIY AR-15

Via Cousin John

Cody Wilson’s Ghost Gunner milling machine makes the most crucial element of an assault rifle. It costs just $1,500 and there’s a waiting list to get it.

 Defense Distributed is most famous for the Liberator, the world’s first design code that can be fed into a 3D printer to create a complete, working gun. After Wilson released the code online in 2013, it was downloaded more than 100,000 times around the world. Then the Department of State ordered Wilson to remove the files. Posting the blueprint for an American audience is legal, but according to the State Department, because the web is global, he may have violated weapons-export regulations. 

The Liberator attracted a fusillade of press coverage and political backlash and landed Wilson on Wired’s list of “the most dangerous people on the internet.”

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  1. You can make those out of plywood. It's not like the chamber that needs a lot of strength.

    You can also easily make them out of bolted together aluminum sheets. It just isn't that hard. Making guns is 14th century technology.

    1. I can't remember which country except that it was a Muslim one I believe where a man could fabricate a full auto AK every day just using hand tools.