Sunday, June 26, 2016

My Family Fled Communism. Stop Pushing Soviet-Style Gun Control Here.

Via David

An armed society is a polite society

All this alarmism surrounding firearms in America lately is getting out of control.

I figure it’s time to offer a unique take on the issue–one that puts American gun rights and their continued need into perspective.

From the amateurish House sit-in to the full-on assault on AR-15 semi-automatic rifles, your assumptions about Democrats pursuing full disarmanent under the guise of “gun control” are correct.

They mean it.

As a Virginia gun owner and concealed handgun permit (CHP) holder myself, I hope my perspective get can you to think differently about firearms if you have doubts.

Don’t know the Second Amendment? Let me list it for you:


  1. This pic is the way it use to be and the way it is suppose
    to be. The communist resurrection of today would make Stalin proud. We don't need the gov as much as they need us.
    I don't know how or when the normal way of life disappeared
    but I know we are being attacked for our traditional values.

    1. Agreed and thanks.

  2. I am from the Oblast of Oregon... This brave man's testimony fell on deaf ears I can tell you. The members on that panel gave him as much concern and attention as one would flick an ant off of his arm.

    1. Commies have infiltrated everywhere.

    2. I got my "commie" tags, I got them when I recited my Oath upon enlisting in the Army...