Sunday, June 26, 2016

Is Donald Trump’s Latest Mind-Blowing “Mexican” Accusation True? Yes, and I Can Prove It!

Via Mike

Yesterday Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump leveled what many consider another outrageous and unsubstantiated accusation about our Mexican border problem…

“Obama has blocked ICE [Immigration & Customs Enforcement] officers and BP [Border Patrol] from doing their jobs. That ends when I am President!”

The immediate blowback from Obama defenders was as ferocious as expected…

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  1. I heard on the news last nite where military personnel were
    sneaking illegal aliens across the border for $1,000 a head.
    The Border Patrol caught them in the act.
    This country is irredeemable.

    1. Used to be about $100 when I drove a cab in San Clemente, 1979 - 1985. I hear the Coyotes are charging $2,000 these days.