Friday, June 17, 2016

Comment By Anonymous On "NYT blames Republicans for Orlando."

"For those who have made their politics and agenda activism their god, any thing that does not fit their predetermined world view will always be some thing of an unknown reason, with unknown motives. Seems clear enough to me. The reported shooter was a MUSLIM. Enough said. World wide Muslims are known to murder homosexuals. I don't know of ANY Republican politician that has called for the murder some one just because they are a homosexual. A Muslim cleric? Yes.

If the scribblers at the NYT want to blame any one for what has happened, then all they need to do is look in the mirror. It is they who use any and all events, to exploit. Again there is the call for banning firearms, abolishing the 2nd Amendment. That an AR-15 was NOT used, does not matter to them. They don't like that firearm, therefore it ought to be banned. France has the kind of "sensible gun control laws"

They dream about imposing here in the FUSA, but that still did not stop the shooting in Paris. Nor has Chicago's strict gun control laws, made that city a safe place to live.

The NYT scribblers are living in their own fantasy land. Gays and lesbians are a protected class and given preferred treatment and considerations. In the distorted view of the NYT, it is socially acceptable behavior to be a bigot and vilify veterans, those who hold to the traditional doctrines of the Christian faith, those who question the official dogma on "climate change", those who state their are only two genders/sexes (male and female), patriots and I suppose I could add more "minorities" to this list that the NYT holds in contempt.

It is the NTY that continues to promote the racism. With them, every thing is the fault of white people. Blacks living here, still enjoy a standard of living that is higher that just about any place else on this planet, yet they still want to wallow in the slavery mindset. Interesting how they never get around to holding the Democratic party and politicians accountable for their actions and rhetoric.

A Muslim, will cite the Koran for the justification of murdering some one because they are a homosexual. A Christian will call on the same homosexual to repent of his sin. IN the view of the NYT, telling some one to repent of their sins is a "hate crime". Come to think of it, if general public one day decided to live as best they could in compliance with the just the 2nd half of the 10 Commandments, that would almost over night put the party of Evil (the Democratic Party) out of business."


  1. In Iran, Afghanistan, and other Arab Moslem countries, the imams have issued fatwahs condoning and encouraging homosexuality, pederasty, bestiality, and necrophilia.

    In Afghanistan, the men get together on Thursday nights to watch boys dressed as women dance, after which they are used for sex.

    You may remember an American Army NCO being disciplined for beating an Afghan police chief who was raping a young boy, after which our military leaders issued orders to not interfere with the homosexual rapes, because that is their culture.

    So, why do the Muslims make such a show of publicly executing homosexuals, when it's actually a part of their religion?

    Please do an Internet search for, "ISLAMIC SEXUALITY: A STUDY IN EVIL", to learn more about this disgusting hypocrisy.

    It reminds me of the Nazis, who likewise made a public show of executing or imprisoning homosexuals, when in fact, they themselves were secretly practicing homosexuals.