Friday, June 17, 2016

“Died of Political Correctness.”

Via Jeffery


Right now we are in the eye of the storm and as bad as it is, we still don’t see all of the picture.   In another 20 years, the epitaph on the tombstone of this nation will read: “Died of Political Correctness.”  Almost overnight, up has become down, black has become white, right has become left, etc.

All manner of deviancy is now regarded as acceptable and honorable while those clinging to tradition or conservative morals are said to be evil and unfeeling.

When I was in high school one of the worst things you could be called was a “queer.”  Now, it is considered courageous and proper to publicly announce homosexual feelings.  Back then one thing that was concrete was the gender that you were born with. Currently, one is considered brave and a social leader to decide to identify as actually being the other gender, make a physical change and announce it to the world.  Such people are anointed and given “Person of the Year” awards by the media.

We are denigrated if our children dare pray in school or in public functions or if the Bible is even given credence in discussions, but just let someone want to bow to the East and pray to “Allah” or want to study the Koran, and everyone falls all over themselves to accommodate their wishes.  Then, when they expand upon the teachings of said religion and spew out their hate for us and our way of life and kill our citizens, it is quickly shouted that such heinous acts are actually the fault of the tools that they used and not the evil people themselves or their twisted beliefs.  Furthermore, any who do not embrace them with love and tolerance for blowing the hell out of our buildings and citizens, are considered the bigots and hate-mongers.

There was a time that the greatest shame a woman could be accused of was to be in an inter-racial relationship.  Now, it is a “badge of honor” to not only have such a relationship but especially if they can have several “multi-racial” children, preferably outside of wed-lock.  By the time of the reading of the epitaph of the dead nation mentioned above, 70% of the population of this country will be the color of the inside of a 3 Musketeers bar!!  Is it honorable to either race to water down the integrity of said race?

Even our language has been attacked to the point that many words have been stolen and censored from use.  All in the attempt to not “offend” someone who may not like what is being said.
The very essence of a free nation or society carries with it, by pure definition, the fact that someone else may be offended by something that is said or done.  But, that is part of freedom.  This is not a padded room….. it’s not a rose garden……it is life!

Well, gentlemen, this action by the SBC is just one more brick in the wall that will ultimately support the tombstone of this nation.  This is the Roman Empire ca. 475 A. D. and the Huns and Barbarians are at the gate of the city.  So, what should we do????  I know, let’s start by buying in to the lying media-machine with their "yellow journalism" and let’s elect another “anti-Christ” as President so that they can continue to fertilize the filth that we are now wallowing in and can replace the rest of the Supreme Court with liberal fools……………. That’ll do it!"