Friday, June 17, 2016

Confederate Flag Removed From Pennsylvania Capitol Display

Via comment by Anonymous on Victims of the Confederate Fury

 Confederate flag removed from historical display in Pa. Capitol by state Rep.
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Finding it a symbol of racism and hate, Gov. Tom Wolf ordered a Confederate flag removed from a Flag Day exhibit in the state Capitol after the chairwoman of the black legislators' caucus took it down but event organizers put it back up.

Wolf took action Wednesday after Capitol police had been summoned to retrieve the flag and return it to the display.

The reproduction of an 1863 Confederate battle flag was part of a historical society's collection of flags that have flown over what is now the U.S., including from territories and the colonial period.
Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown, a Philadelphia Democrat, said she was astonished to see the flag as she walked through the Capitol's east wing on Tuesday.

"I just did what I thought was right and I took the flag down," said Brown, who heads the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus.

She carried it into the chambers and gave it to the House speaker.

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  1. Someone should carry her to chambers and shove a house speaker up her arse and tell her to leave property that does not belong to her alone, at the minimum she should have been arrested for grand theft. I pray someone in Pennsylvania puts her and Gov Wolf on their AO list...

    1. Did they leave the Bonnie Blue hanging? Maybe the plaque describes it as a Republic of West Florida flag and the bitch doesnt know.