Saturday, June 18, 2016

“If The Price is $85 Per Trick, How Many Tricks Per Day Must Each ho Turn…” And 9 Other Reasons to Homeschool

Via comment by Quartermain on NC: 2-pronged approach to NC Commie Core math earn..

Sometimes I read stuff and think, this has to be satire. Over the past few years, I can’t believe how many articles I’ve prefaced with, “I know it seems like satire, but it’s not.”

Today is no different. If you need more reasons to homeschool your kids (and you’re not doing so already) then read on.

We all know that the education system has been on the decline for years. Folks aren’t as worried about academic achievements as they are the feelings of the children, creating a crybaby culture that gives everyone a trophy just for showing up. Schools are indoctrination centers, churning out new batches of socially correct, debt-dependent slaves who have 13 years of
brainwashing umm…
training  errr… “education” behind them.

But now, we may have just hit rock bottom.

A teacher in Alabama is on administrative leave after he or she (the identity of the teacher has not been released) decided to make a math lesson more relevant for an 8th-grade class. An outraged parent “raised concerns” about the lesson that contained  the following questions, as per The Washington Post.

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    1. Rape it is and he didn't even touch on the most critical item: The displacement of the white race, Christianity, our history ad infinitum.

    2. Yep, multi-culturalism actually means a multitude of cultures being supplanted by a global consumerist amoral non-cultures.