Saturday, June 18, 2016

Totalitarian Socialist Immigration Policy

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The policy of the Europeans of flooding the continent with Third World welfare parasites, primarily young men, is obviously designed to destroy the distinct cultures of the German people, the English people, the Swedes, the French, etc., through forced and government-subsidized and controlled integration.  Giant new government bureaucracies have been created to centrally plan this endeavor.

Merkel is a self-hating German “former” communist; the British Labourites are self-hating Brits; etc. etc. Their ideological rallying cry has for decades been that “western culture” is the bane of civilization, and therefore must go.  “Hey, Ho, Western Culture’s Got to Go” was the chant of a mob of Stanford University students some twenty years ago led by the ever-camera-ready Jesse Jackson.  It was one of the opening salvos in the PC-ization of higher education in America.

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 Nihad Awad (r), executive director and founder of CAIR and Ibrahim Hooper (l), national communications director and spokesperson

"A few months ago Paul Ryan received a $1000 contribution from a Muslim Brotherhood member associated with CAIR. 


 MB members associated with CAIR are also heavy individual
 Donors to Hillary Clinton.

 We need to address the hard truth about the teachings of Islam
 that are thoroughly embedded in the Quran, Sharia, and other foundational documents of Islam.

We are being subverted by counterfactual propaganda on the nature of Islam and massive MB funds and influence.

To my bitter disappointment, too many prominent establishment Republicans have become naive cheerleaders and enablers for
MB destruction of Western civilization.  Combine wimpy  liberal ideology and $billions in potential petro-dollar bribes, U.S. national security, public safety, and even our survival as a free and sovereignty are in grave danger."

-- Mike Scruggs

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