Saturday, June 18, 2016

SBC: For Islamist Immigration/Against Confederate Flag. Loses A Million Members


Folks, with the recent decrees from the Southern Baptist Convention to YOUR local church a million things are running through my mind about it. The Confederate Flag which represents the defense of home & family to most Southerners is unacceptable to Russell Moore.

 However, Radical Islamist Terrorist who threaten our homes & families IS acceptable to Russell Moore? Which, leaves me to wonder, either Russell Moore is misguided in his beliefs like the church at Corinth or he is an agent of Satan or a student of Karl Marx sitting in our midst. Either way SBC needs to cast him out before he destroys their organization.

 SBC is NOT a church, its suppose to be a parent organization which represents & reflects the concerns of the churches. In short, churches DO NOT need the SBC to exists as Baptist Churches. The SBC is one who needs those churches to exist.

After decades of sweating & wringing my hands over LIBERAL non-bible based decisions & decrees aimed at local churches I finally had, had a belly full of them & their dictatorial policies. I found myself an Independent Baptist Church where I could worship Jesus in peace & what the local people think the Bible says is the standard NOT, what some politician in SBC thought I should think.

 I feel sorry for the average Christian whose church is a member of SBC because of people like Russell Moore. People like him who think SBC should fund Mosques & the worship of their moon god will ultimately lead the flock right through the gates of hell.

 From my view on Christs teachings in the Bible SBC has two choices, they can cast out this agent of Satan or they can let them eventually destroy SBC. However, the average member does have a choice if this man is not corralled & reined in, let your feet do your talking & take your tithes with you. Loss of membership & funds will make them rethink their positions in a hurry! 

--Billy E. Price Ashville Alabama


Epic Report: SBC Loses Nearly A Million Members

The Baptist Press just released the Annual Church Profile report for 2015. The article opens with the decidedly Scripture-oblivious words, “Southern Baptists may find cause for hope in the latest Annual Profile Report.   The Southern Baptist Convention added more churches in 2015, due mostly to church planting efforts.”


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  1. Sounds like they need a serious name change.

    1. The commie plan on taking over this country is progressing beyond everyone's ones wildest dreams.

  2. The Confederate flag is an American symbol unlike the Islam
    beasts who are about as American as the German Cockroach
    which originated in S.E. Asia. Please return to your natural

  3. Yours truly,Roman Catholic,with wall to wall beloved Southern Baptist relatives,professes and confesses his joining together in prayer with those independent Churches that separate from the SBC. The SBC does NOT represent the beliefs in Christ that so many independents do. I implore all independent Southern Baptists to separate from the evil direction that the SBC is taking,and HAS TAKEN,for years. Respectfully submitted, member of SCV Alabama,Southern by The Grace of God,In Christ`s service Heritage Not Hate