Monday, July 11, 2016

A Common Thread on Police Shootings
Tell that to all those who have won the MOH on down who were from 17 to 29.

There's a common thread that runs through all of these 'Po little Black Boy' being shot by Cops.

Questions none of the Black 'Leaders' ask . . .

Where would Alton Sterling be if he had just complied?  If he had not tried to fight two cops, but put his hands the hood of the car and 'spread 'em?  Alton was a known bad actor, a felon, a child rapist, and known to be packing. He was also over 6' tall and around 310, his size and history -  he was a Bloods gangster - made him a threat.In Alton's case he'd already made a series of bad decisions that brought him to the attention of the police.  He was already facing five Court appearances on different charges. He was no Saintly dude.

Where would Philandro be, if he'd just used some judgement?  He was armed, the officer knew it,
and ol' Philly was a suspect in an armed robbery caught on video.  He was a Crips gangster and
a known bad actor.  What if he just put his hands on the dash, and told the officer his wallet was in
his back pocket?  It is reported that his gun was actually in his lap, hidden by the tee shirt . . .Philandro had a rap sheet and associations; he made a poor choice in choosing to move as he did.
But it was his choices, all of them, that got him shot.

Freddy Gray was arrested for some offense or other, I don't recall offhand.  He had a violent reputation and was a known bad actor.  Somehow he broke his neck inside a Paddy Wagon.  No Cops were in there with him.  Another prisoner was and he reported Freddy went apeshit and head butted the walls and such. Probably to give an appearance of being beat up by the Police - my speculation - and went a tad too far. Bad choices, Freddy, too bad.

Michael Brown was another 'known subject' a petty crook and wannabe gansta.  Video shows him roughing up the store clerk immediately prior to the confrontation with the police.  He was another big guy, young and strong, and belligerent.  He was not afraid to use force, as he just had moments before.  Witnesses, many f them Black neighbors, reported he went after the Cop, and tried to leave the scene, then turned and charged the officer, who was no physical match for a Football Lineman.  Bad idea, Mike, bad idea. Was he strung out on 'Spice'?  I suspect something like that.  Spice is bad, bad, bad stuff.

Trayvon was another young punk, known to police. Suspected of many thefts, burglaries, and known
as a drug dealer.  He assaulted Zimmerman and inflicted serious head injuries before being shot.
Why would he do that?  Zimmerman had no arrest authority, he was keeping an eye on a suspected
thief and burglar, AS HE WAS COMMISSIONED TO DO as the neighborhood watch captain.
Trayvon made a wrong guess.  He thought he could take the older, chubby Latino easily, and he was
right, until old .40S&W intervened.

So how is any of these guys' bad choices, my fault?  Hillary says "Whites have to change their ways"
Really?  You wouldn't s*** me would you?  How is what happened in Baton Rouge any Dallas Cop's
fault?  What mental process - assuming there is one - do these people use to arrive at these idiotic



  1. I've been stopped while CCW. Act responsibly- don't escalate. Most NC cops are pro's and will respond in kind. Unless you're a known thug. Ijit breaking bad= next Darwin Award winner (if not a baby-daddy yet).