Monday, July 11, 2016

Insane: Conservative Activist Jailed After Pulling Gun on Gang of Thugs Threatening To Assault Him

Via Billy

This weekend Michael Strickland, a former contributor at The Gateway Pundit and Progressives Today, was jailed in Portland, Oregon after he pulled a gun on a gang of thugs who were going to kick his a$$ at a black lives matter protest.

Last year Michael was jumped by an anti-gun activist who broke his arm in three places at an anti-Second Amendment event.

This weekend Michael was confronted by a gang of men and he pulled out his gun. The story made headlines and Michael was thrown in jail. Michael has a concealed carry permit in Oregon and can legally carry a weapon. He was being threatened and he pulled the gun on his would-be assailants.

Apparently, the state of Oregon issues concealed carry permits in Portland but you’re not allowed to use your gun if you are being threatened with an a$$beating.


  1. He deserved it. From what I see in the video. He has a moral and legal obligation to get out of a situation he thinks is life threatening. He clearly did not. He stayed in the area in close proximity to the same people he claims were threatening to him. This is a violation of the law in most jurisdictions, I can't say if it is in that area. It would be an easy argument for prosecutors to make that he intentionally came to the event armed and looking for trouble, then baited political opposition to get the justification he needed.

    People who carry guns have a higher obligation to find ways to avoid violence than unarmed people. This man failed that obligation. His real crime is not that he pulled a gun, but that he did it a second time and returned to the same scene twice more.

    His other actions do not show a clear "fear for his life" situation. They show him taking great care to secure his camera and taking his eyes off the "threat" to re holster his weapon.

    If I were the judge he would get a misdemeanor penalty for disorderly conduct or some sort of brandishing violation. But his guilt is obvious and this video will get him convicted.

  2. Portland is notoriously anti gun to begin with.
    He will get slapped for it guaranteed.

  3. A $250K bond is a defacto $25K fine, that he pays to the bail bondsman, unless he has his own cash to put up. That alone is much more punitive than the law allows and isn't needed since this guy has little risk of flight