Tuesday, July 19, 2016

GQ ‘Journalist’ on Pat Smith: ‘I would like to beat her to death’

Via Billy


The speech by one of Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi victims ruined the night for Chris Matthews, but it really hit home for this tool.
He apparently deleted it and is outraged how anyone could take umbrage with his desire to beat a woman to death.

Could just say you’re sorry, asshole.

Go get your life back, clown, and stop playing the victim already:


  1. Real men do NOT beat women. Period. Rather ironic, that a barbaric, vile, and uncivilized comment should come from a writer of a magazine called "Gentleman's Quarterly". BTW, is the writer a Muslim? Must be, given how calling for a woman to be beaten is acceptable social behavior. And while I'm at it, where are all the university feminists and SJWs who ought to be having hissy fits over this misogyny. I just love the sound of crickets coming from the Left, sounds like...hypocrisy.