Friday, July 15, 2016

Musings of a Southern Antifederalist on the Presidential Election

 morning on the french broad

The one consolation of the Antifederalist persuasion is telling everyone you meet “I told you so.”

Granted, this does not go down well in most circles, be they progressive, socialist, conservative, neo-conservative, constitutionalist, et al.  At best, some of these folk will agree that the Antifederalists were correct about the consolidation of power in the federal government, the excesses of a law making federal judiciary, and the eclipse of the states as political societies. They would also add a hearty, “Thank God” for all of these trends. These folks are also quick to remind me that my people have been beaten down horse, foot, and dragoons.  The polite thing, I suppose, would be to keep silence about the emperor’s clothes, or lack thereof.  To do so, however, means to ignore the real and present danger facing us.

This danger has been with us before the ink dried on the Constitution.

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