Saturday, July 9, 2016

White Anglo-Saxon Protestants Are Awakening

Via Billy

This one takes a little bit of courage to write and a little bit of courage to read.  Touching anything to do with the subject of “race” and especially the “white race” is the third rail of Christian ministry.

Yet, I am compelled to speak the Truth.  The fact that others might be brainwashed, or scared, or holier-than-thou is what makes this endeavor so risky.  But I have always tried to stay faithful to my reputations as a truth teller…not necessarily always right…but always ready and willing to speak the truth as I see it.

There was a time when speaking the truth wasn’t considered risky, but rather, expected.  Open and honest discussion was a foundational exercise that helped shape the fabric of this nation.  But that was before political correctness, Cultural Marxism, and Alinsky tactics put the kibosh on independent thought and speech.

A man is never really free if his speech is not free.  Thoughts are not now, nor should they ever be, a crime.  We are rapidly moving towards the time when men and women will be punished for merely expressing what they think.  There can be no greater form of tyranny than that.

Almost 3 years ago to the day, I produced a video I am Proud to be White.  When you are done reading this commentary, please take the time to come back to this link and watch it…it is 5 minutes long.


  1. As should surprise no one these BLM morons didn't pass basic math. If these shit heads start gunning down random innocent whites they shouldn't be surprised when the retaliation starts. There are still a lot more of us then them and we have a lot more weapons. If they start a race war they will not finish on the winning side.

    1. Absolutely and they are doing a great disservice to normal blacks, since if it does start, there will be innocent ones killed.