Thursday, August 4, 2016

35 of Hillary's biggest 'accomplishments'

Via Billy

Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton

  • Lying about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia to impress voters
  • Theft and deception
  • Being the most corrupt politician ever, and yet Americans will still be stupid enough to vote for her
  • Evading prosecution by the FBI
  • Being a world-class liar
  • Great job at covering up [allegations of] Bill Clinton’s rape
  • 244 days without holding a press conference
  • First woman to delete 33,000 emails in one sitting
  • Raising hundreds of millions of dollars for Haiti relief and keeping 90 percent of it for herself
  • Being responsible for 4 dead in Benghazi
  • 68% of Americans say she’s untrustworthy
  • Convincing Democrats she didn’t push NAFTA, which cost 1,000,000 Americans their jobs
  • Hired the woman who was exposed for rigging the primary election against Bernie
  • Avoiding scrutiny by the completely unbiased press
  • Able to castrate tall FBI directors with a single phone call
  • Taking money from foreign governments in exchange for favors that go against American interests
  • Making Democrats believe she stands for LGBT rights while importing homophobic Muslim refugees
  • Keeping minorities dependent on government assistance so they’ll vote Democrat
  • Viewing rape & harassment victims as liars unworthy of being heard
  • Armed and funded Syrian rebels, calling them “moderates”
  • Watergate chief counsel fired her at age 27. She was blacklisted
  • Convincing zombie Democrats that Trump is the one who’s unfit
  • Stole the Democratic Party nomination through unjust means
  • Manipulating black people and minorities for votes
  • Successfully convinced the Russians to give her millions for 20 percent of USA uranium
  • Monica Lewinsky is one person Hillary Clinton didn’t get killed
  • She’s managed to stay out of prison
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