Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton Actually Argues that FBI Director Comey said She was “Truthful”!

Via Billy

I cannot imagine the rage that FBI Director James Comey must have flown into on Sunday after hearing Democrat candidate for President Hillary Clinton say that the Director had actually said that she was “truthful” about her private server!

He must have been apoplectic.

Remember, the Director went through great pains back in July to explain that while he could not recommend charges be brought against her (because he could not “prove” intent), Mrs. Clinton had acted with atrocious judgment and with horrific behavior by choosing to use a private server.

While Comey exonerated Clinton legally speaking, he provided huge amounts of fodder that could badly hamstring her in the court of public opinion.


  1. Why would he care? He is the one that gave her the pass. Just another bureaucrat stooge doing what he is told. No Principles, No Character, No Honor, No Integrity


    1. No Principles, No Character, No Honor, No Integrity


  2. I put this weasel bitch in the same category as the FBI and
    Bill Ayers investigation who planned to kill 25 million
    people. Hillary has already a pretty long murder list.
    FBI allowed Ayers to get off scot-free and no recommendations
    by Comey for this criminal to be indicted. What a government