Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hillary Struggles to Fill High School Gym in City of 776,000 Democrats

Via Billy



  1. The photo reveals the ethnic flavor of the evening. 3 or 4 whites and 0 Asians.

  2. It's not so much that she is struggling to fill the gym. She is using a totally different standard. She needs to control the venue to ensure there are no hecklers or uppity anti-Hillary protests. So every person is carefully screens and it is by invitation only. Further, Hillary isn't campaigning. Her speeches aren't televised and no one questions her at these events. They are all stage managed and the people are only there as props. You only need enough props to fill the camera lens. Any more than that is a waste of energy. That's how she plans to win. She is taking no risks and her campaign stops are all choreographed Potemkin villages just to give the appearance that she is running a campaign instead of just sitting back and waiting to be crowned.

  3. My question is WHY. Why are they running someone that the Powers That Be KNOW will ether die while running, or be so debilitated at the end that she will be unable to take office. Remember WHO-WHAT-WHEN-WHERE-WHY-HOW. --Ray