Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Re-post: PATCON VIII Constitutional Roundtable: John Ainsworth: "I was greatly disappointed"

As was I, but you can be assured if another is held at Dixieland, it will be under strict debating rules. I apologize to you and the audience, Sir.


  1. There were rules spelled out prior to the debate. Unfortunately, some did not adhere to them. John's positions were marginalized even though he backed up everything with facts.

    I was looking forward to this debate and felt that it was going to be a great educational event. It turned out to be a lost opportunity.

  2. Excellent piece Brock...and I agree with John. The Congress Illegally created the 14th amendment. Congress lacked the authority under the existing Constitution of that time to declare that the states never left the union and to mandate that those in rebellion could not vote. It was treason by Lincoln and later by the Congress. They even had to threaten, bully, and jail northerners to get their way. What underlines the absolute wrongness of this is evident in an article by Ron Dreher titled Inside the head of Trump voters that I came across yesterday and also includes a great speech by Jonathan Haidt, a liberal, about why we have this extreme divide in our current politics. These pieces definitely explain a lot of the political divide in this country...and another civil war if it isn't properly addressed. Thanks again.

  3. I'm quite content content with fighting the FedGov in in the in the manner proscribed by John, Krisanne, or Publius. In fact, we SHOULD be doing both! (Krissanne and Publius preach from from the from the same hymnal)

    1. The two disappointed me greatly the way they 'debated'