Friday, August 5, 2016

Hillary’s America: A Review from the Southern Perspective

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This week my husband and I went to see Dinesh D'Souza's movie, "Hillary's America." The fairly brief part at the end that actually focused on Hillary, Bill, The Clinton Foundation, etc., was very disturbing. This woman and her cartel will be very dangerous should she be elected to the Presidency. The movie was very persuasive on this point.

Mr. D'Souza began with the time he was briefly a political prisoner in the U.S., having been convicted and sentenced to jail time for an infraction (giving anonymously a larger than allowed campaign contribution to a friend) for which no one else had ever spent time in prison. His rather lengthy reenactment of his time in prison, besides the human interest aspect, showed how his interaction with other inmates led to his theory that the Democrat Party has adopted criminal methods to scam the voters and attain power.

To this point the movie was very powerful and credible. Then Mr. D'Souza engages in revisionist history, which I, as a history buff, deplore. The truth of history would have served him just as well had he bothered to broaden his research.
A major theme of the movie was the depravity of the Democrat Party, and Mr. D'Souza strays from historical accuracy in trying to prove the party was consistently rotten all the way back to its very roots.   In depicting the South, slavery, and the "Civil War," he used resources written from the Northern perspective, which demonize Southerners and claim the moral high ground for the North.

Knowing how news and current events are slanted today and how disinformation is a calculated strategy, why does it never occur to researchers that they must consult both Northern and Southern versions to properly understand that contentious time? Many Southerners are going to be offended by this movie, and on their behalf I will address some of the discrepancies:

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  1. One movie I won't be watching. If I lived back there then,
    I would have been a Democrat. D'Souza started right out
    with a biased theme. Too bad he wasted possible talent.

    1. If I lived back there then, I would have been a Democrat.

      Of course, the two parties have switched places and you would have to be an imbecile not to realize this, or you are purposely ignoring the facts to prove a point.

  2. The Civil War would have ended much earlier and saved numerous
    lives if the Confederacy had taken DC while they had the chance. The war with Germany would have ended much earlier
    if Hitler would have listened to three Generals and attacked
    the Brits at Dunkirk. The Vietnam War would have ended much
    earlier but was prolonged by scum like Kissinger. Some info
    on Benjamin and his role in the Civil War. Interesting
    I truly believe Benjamin was a plant. Destroyed all his
    personal papers. None of the others did.