Thursday, August 11, 2016

Marine Corps 1st Lt. Stanley Johnson, missing from the Vietnam War, has now been accounted for.

Via Cousin John 

On Dec. 3, 1965, Johnson was the co-pilot of an UH-34D helicopter assigned to Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364, Marine Aircraft Group 36, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, tasked to insert Army of the Republic of Viet Nam troops into South Vietnam. Johnson’s aircraft, with three other Americans and nine Vietnamese soldiers onboard, was hit by enemy fire. At 100 to 200 feet above the ground with the entire cargo compartment in flames, the helicopter lost one of its main rotor blades, and crashed approximately 30 kilometers west of Tam Ky Town. Everyone onboard the aircraft was killed in the crash.

Between 1993 and 2008, joint U.S./Socialist Republic of Vietnam (S.R.V.) teams traveled to the area and conducted investigations which resulted in multiple excavations at the incident crash site and possible burial locations.

Lab analysis, in conjunction with the totality of circumstantial evidence available, established Johnson’s remains were included.

Interment services are pending.

Welcome home and rest in peace, 1st Lt. Johnson.


  1. So glad this young man's remains were found. Wish they would
    find Mad Dog's. I was listening to a radio show about Viet-
    nam and Agent Orange. Marti, the host, said that her brother
    was on the USS Intrepid and US jets would spray Agent Orange
    on their ship which they would have to clean the mess off the ship. Her brother asked why this was being done and was
    told for parasites. He died a most horrible death. Marti
    said that the rations served to the troops had drugs in
    them, heroine, weed, cocaine, etc., to keep the men going.
    Her own husband died from Agent Orange. She said there was
    a phone number given to her to call at the VA. She called
    a few times before someone finally answered. She was told
    never to call that number again. She continued to call the
    number as it was the only one she had. One afternoon while
    sitting with her husband at the hosp. the FBI approached her
    and asked her if she was the one calling. She said, yes I
    am. They told her if you call that number again we will
    arrest you. She said it was some kind of compound where
    Vietnam Vets were being held. A VERY interesting radio

    1. Wish they would find Mad Dog's

      So do I, but if the NVA/VC killed him, they would certainly have boasted about it as he was #1 on their hit list, but they didn't, which leaves a quandary.


      His uniform would be soaked with agent orange until
      they returned to base.

      It was sprayed underneath the Huey, so I'm not sure how that could happen.


      spray Agent Orange on their ship which they would have to clean the mess off the ship. Her brother asked why this was being done and was told for parasites.

      I don't believe this is credible, but would certainly delve into it n more if there are other sources. Thanks. I was given 100% in 1995, but that was because I was diagnosed while in Vietnam in 1974 and after radiation in Makati, returned until the very end.

  2. Yes, I read your story. Some confusion as I recall getting

    1. It was just that the Embassy doctor kept telling me that it was Laryngitis and a Vietnamese doctor using antiquated French x-ray equipment diagnosed it and told me to leave the country right away for treatment. I found out later, that if you are ever hoarse for two weeks or more you should go to an ENT doctor.

  3. Contamination while spraying Agent Orange is possible if
    more than one sprayer is flying in the same area - blow-back.
    But for the environment, the question is perfectly clear: the US wanted to destroy the forest, they succeeded. They wanted to ban the peasants away from their rice fields, they did. They wanted to destroy the crops, they did, and some contaminated areas remain unsuitable and dangerous to live in.
    Sounds like Lenin and Stalin - starve them to death.
    Chemical Warfare is totally illegal. They did the same in
    the ME with DU.

    1. All I know is that they wanted clear fields of fire around bases which everyone thought was great.