Thursday, August 11, 2016

NC: Voter ID

Amazing how disparately the 4th Circuit court ruling trashing every election reform put forth by the government in NC compares with this 7th Circuit ruling (see article below).  These federal court decisions are totally at odds with one another. In the case of the 4th Circuit ruling, a type of second class citizenship for North Carolinian's vis a vis their counterparts in Wisconsin, has been created by a federal court.  Such a dramatic and disfavorable disparity should not exist within the federal courts of this or any other nation......and in just about any other nation it does not. Nearly every nation BUT OURS requires some form of positive identification when a voter votes.Some even use biometric identification methods, like finger printing and soon, iris scanners.

Nearly all nations BUT OURS make election integrity a top priority. Here in the U.S. we've had two decades of promoting higher registration of voters by loosening  rules through congressional action, without creating any safeguards to prevent fraud by those would abuse the system for their own purposes. The action of the 4th Circuit was to roll back common sense safeguards that the vast majority of Americans want. It is time we should consider a National Referendum Act, that would allow Americans to vote on important national issues as referendums during federal elections. Many states already have such laws. How else, other than a convention of states could we ever get the congressional term limits we sorely need, or to end the absurd, world-only "birthright citizenship" law we have in our country?

Getting back to voting.....The US Supreme Court has already ruled that photo ID is not a burden that disenfranchises voters, yet the 4th Circuit doesn't agree. [?]   CLEARLY, this adverse ruling against NC must be revisited at the Supreme Court level and voter ID requirements harmonized around the country.....and America should join the rest of the world in acknowledging the common sense need for a voter to positively identify themselves when they present themselves to vote. As everywhere else in the modern world, the integrity of our elections is worth protecting. As it stands now, in NC, this is no longer the case.

The 4th circuit ruling also reinstated a requirement to allow fraud-friendly "same day registration/voting,"a practice outlawed in 42 other states. Why don't the courts order those 42 others states to do the same. Why must ONLY NC be forced to re-implement it?  I'll tell you why......the answer is highlighted in blue in the paragraph below.

If you live in NC, please contact the governor's office, and/or your representatives in the General Assembly.

This MUST be fixed and NC's General Assembly, working with the governor, needs to go to the Supreme Court and request a similar temporary stay from the outrageous 4th Circuit three-judge Obama/Clinton panel that clearly acted from a political motivation to trash this state's voter photo ID in time for the November election to aid Democrats in this so-called 'battleground" state, a state that already had a reasonable impediment allowance for non-photo ID voting.

It is a shame how our courts have become as politicized as the Dept of Justice, the IRS, The VA, and now, even the military.  Time to wake up; we are losing our nation even as we watch from the sidelines.

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  1. Oddly, Indiana's voter ID laws have withstood court case after court case since 2008.

    If NC wants to have voter ID, why not just copy Indiana's law?

    (same question for Wisconsin, which is also under fire)

    1. Our NC law was virtually the same as the Indiana law. The difference is twofold.
      1) The 4th Circuit Court took a hard left term after Obama stacked it with liberal activist judges. The decision that swept away our reforms was made by a 3-judge panel consisting of two Obama appointees and a Clinton appointee. Any questions?
      2) NC is a battleground state; expected to be a close toss-up state, so even a modest amount of vote fraud can swing the state to the Democrats as it likely did in 2008.

  2. Interesting that being required to present a photo ID is somehow controversial, and hence harmful when going to vote, yet the same act is NOT harmful when required for other activities. Do any transaction at a bank: need a photo ID. Use your credit card at some stores: need a photo ID. Want to purchase, alcohol, tobacco products, firearms, ammunition, prescription medications, just to name a few: need a photo ID. Many employers require their employees wear a photo ID. The real reason for the objections to photo ID as a requirement to vote, it does make it more difficult to commit voter fraud. The Democratic party has a very long history of committing voter fraud. That is why they object, they can not cheat their way into office, or get re-elected if they can not cheat to get and stay there

    1. they can not cheat their way into office, or get re-elected if they can not cheat to get and stay there