Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Something Has Gone Wrong

Via comment by Anonymous on Caught Lying Again: Will She Ever Tell The Truth?

 SOMETHING WENT WRONG. SEE YOU ON THE FRONT PAGE. Something, somewhere, went terribly wrong. the jews.
The willingness of the EU to fling open the doors to Muslim hordes is what HBD’ers call pathological altruism. Everything we can observe about people from these lands tells us that they cannot make it in a modern Western society. Yet, an overwhelming desire to help strangers is driving the mothers of Europe to sacrifice the inheritance of their sons to help the Muslims.

The American college campus is under the control of ideological fanatics, who believe in their causes so deeply they are willing to ruin friends and family on behalf of their cause. Thought crimes have become so common, we take them for granted. Readers of this blog take steps to make sure their employers are unaware that they read sites like this one, for fear the morality police will come calling. Supporting a candidate like Trump has become a private act of rebellion.

The only thing missing from this toxic stew is an excessive believe in the supernatural, but the hunt for hate thinkers is really just a modern form of witch hunting. Everywhere you look, the dials are all turned to eleven. The best qualities, at least the best mix of qualities, that allowed the West to rocket past the world are now in abundance and threatening the whole enterprise. Whatever governor or brake that was in place in the past has been lost and the engine is revving into the red zone.

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    "I thought you should know"

    The Truth About the #Syrianboy Viral Photo. Its really a story of two boys.

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  2. Will she ever tell the Truth? The short answer; No. She has done it for so long that it is her nature to lie. For her to tell the truth, would be for her to admit that she is accountable for her actions to others. This to is against her nature, as she believe that she is superior to every one else, who only exist to serve her. It is my opinion, she is so warped that does NOT have a moral compass.