Monday, August 15, 2016

"The cowards in charge at Vanderbilt University announced they are paying the UDC $1.2 million dollars to remove 'Confederate' from Confederate Memorial Hall."

 A photo from 2003 shows the exterior of a dormitory at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn., inscribed with the name Confederate Memorial Hall.
"These despicable people are terrified by the political correctness police, the Soviet mindset that presently tyrannizes the country. They are not FIT to have the name "Confederate" on any of their buildings, nor are they fit to memorialize the immortal soldiers who wore the grey and fought so valiantly for the survival of local self-government. They are as historically ignorant as they are cowardly. Junk. Like most of academia, they are intellectual junk, ready for history's Dempsey Dumpster, and their supine, chicken-hearted submission to thought-tyrants will be their well-earned gravestone.

Vanderbilt to Pay $1.2 Million to Remove 'Confederate' From Hall


  1. F them. Liberal professors who can't hit their ass with both hands and come up with the same number twice. Lifetime tenure if your colleagues vote that you are liberal enough to join their elite society.