Monday, September 19, 2016

Another Bomb Explodes in New Jersey…UPDATE: Suspect Arrested

Via Billy

This is hot off the presses folks – something dangerous is going on in the New York City metro area.
At around 12:40 AM Monday morning police were alerted to a suspicious backpack near a trashcan in an Elizabeth, New Jersey trashcan. The men who reported it said they could see a pipe and wires sticking out of the bag. When police arrived they discovered FIVE different devices but when a bomb squad robot approached the bag one of the devices exploded, fortunately no one was injured.
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  1. You know, based on the law of averages of the police killing
    their criminal, this terrorist should have been killed;
    but this guy sets off bombs, shoots two officers, shoots up a police car, and then wanders down the road holding a gun and he only gets wounded in the shootout?
    Makes no sense. This guy should have been a dead man.
    He was a shoot-to-kill target.