Monday, September 19, 2016

ROK, US to hold N. Korea bombing drill

Via Billy
Air forces of the United States and South Korea will carry out a joint drill aimed at striking North

Korea’s nuclear facilities during a U.S.-led multi-service combat operations exercise scheduled for next month in Alaska.

The South Korean Air Force said it will dispatch eight F-15K fighter jets and two C­130H transport planes along with 147 personnel including pilots for Red Flag-Alaska which takes place from Oct. 3 to 21 at Eielson Air Force Base.

From the U.S. Air Force, 50 fighter jets including F-16s and F-15Cs will participate in the drill.

A military source said on condition of anonymity that the allies’ air forces will train their combat pilots to annihilate the enemy under various scenarios such as air-to-air and air-to-surface combat.

Seoul’s F-15Ks are set to carry out the live fire exercise with their laser-guided “bunker-buster” bombs that can penetrate command centers located deep underground.


  1. If the US and the South Korean government will cease its annual military exercises that the North sees and threatening attack, then the North will no doubt cease its threats of nuclear retaliation. As was said by an American observer many years ago on this topic -- if the US will stop teaching South Koreans to hate their northern neighbors, perhaps peace and reconciliation will reign.
    Imagine . . . .

    1. Possible, but not with the current North Korean maniac and they did fight a bloody war with each other