Thursday, September 29, 2016

Jon Voight: Donald Trump has no blood on his hands, as does Hillary.

Via Billy

Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight has stepped forward to clearly support and defend GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. (Image from Fox News Channel)

A Hollywood powerhouse came forward this week to speak well of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. In an interview with Fox News, Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight called the candidate “an extraordinary fellow who has accomplished much in his life,” adding that Mr. Trump remains “clear and strong” even at the end of a 12-hour day — and is exceptionally considerate to event staff and other personnel he encounters on the campaign trail.

Mr. Voight grew blunt regarding Democratic rival Hillary Clinton during his interview with Fox anchor Neil Cavuto.


  1. Amen! Lock up the china and silver. She'll steal it just
    like she did at the White House when Clinton exited.
    Those two murdered teens in Mena really bother me to this

    1. Thanks and just reading about the case you mentioned.