Thursday, September 8, 2016

Understanding the Invasion of Europe… the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan…

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Mixing out a race is not "diversity", but genocide.

Editor’s Note: In this article, Paul Fromm, free speech warrior, explores the reality of mass non-White Immigration, its role in the steady march towards the extermination of White Europeans, and its underlying causes…

Mass immigration, in the form of a flood of “refugees”, is transforming the White or European world.

Open door immigration policies dating back to 1965 mean that, by 2041, the European founding/settler people of the U.S. will become a minority. They were 90 per cent of the U.S. when John F. Kennedy was elected in 1960. People of European ancestry are now just 61 per cent.  Canada will become majority non-White by 2050.

In both cases, the replacement of the European founding/settler people came about by public policy. Yet, this policy of ethnic replacement or ethnic cleansing on the installment plan is almost never discussed let alone debated politically.

Part of the ecstatic applause and enthusiasm that have greeted Donald Trump is his willingness to tackle at least part of the immigration issue. Many White Americans know that their country is being changed out from under them. Their neighbourhoods have been made “diverse” through mass immigration; their town’s main street  has been hollowed out, and much business moved to a WalMart super store stuffed with cheap Chinese imports; and many of their decent paying jobs have been outsourced to China or Mexico or Vietnam. And all the while, campuses and much of the mass media blare accusations that they, Whites, are the cause of most of America’s problems. They, the victims of minority-preference “affirmative action”,  are derided for White Privilege.

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  1. Everyone looks at me like my tin-foil-hat just fell off, when I say, what we see today has been in the works for decades. The elite have planned today when they saw what happened in America over 200-years ago. The idea that free men could plan their own destiny, terrified them. The planning began in the 1700s for the downfall of America.

    They also needed to eliminate Western Civilization. Because only there are ideas of freedom and liberty born. No other civilization in the history of the world broke free of dictatorial leaders then gave power and freedom to the common man. Western Civilization is under attack from all areas and may not survive. Because when it falls, we will see a true “Dark Ages.”


    1. I wish I could disagree, but can't. :) Thanks.

  2. Hi,

    part of the problem is simply that we on the Right may not voice problems, for fear of financial punishment. In order to raise a family, one must become a mindless, servile robot. Employers wish to hire "respectable", or at least uncontroversial, employees to appeal to a broad customer base.

    Thus, part of the problem is the integration of our economies. We call this, capitalism. In the past, we had more decentralisation and more small, independent farms. Today, we're transient, integrated into a Borg-like mass structure, which much of the Right reveres for the economic prosperity. John Attarian cursed this obsession with economics as Economism.

    And any of us who do speak against capitalism are accused of wanting socialism, which is even more Borg-like...

    I don't believe giving power to the "common man" is necessarily the answer either, because the average voter has to work, hasn't the time to get educated and informed. He's easily manipulated by Hollywood, the mass media.

    We do want a balance of power, and we want decentralised power as much as is reasonably possible. And we want to reduce corruption. Currently we have public sector employees rotating into the private sector as a sort of legal bribe.

    The Marxists view capitalism as a step towards socialism. It creates a proletariat, which we tend to give the vote to. And this propertyless, transient(unrooted) proletariat, which we create, then goes on to vote for socialism. So, in this and in many other ways, we are part of the problem. We try to put out Trotsky's fire with gasoline.

    1. The Marxists view capitalism as a step towards socialism.

      I believe it was Bastiat who said that Socialism invariably turns into Communism.

    2. Hi Brock,

      Well, I'm not sure specifically what "communism" is, because it has been described as the "withering away of the state".

      Marxism says it pursues certain objectives while really seeming to pursue different objectives, so I would first ask, "What's the meaning of communism?"

      Communism seems defined in Marxist mythology as the, "withering away of the state". I assume they believed once race and faith were extinguished (these are power structures which serve an elite, oppress the rest of us), that man would then live by pure reason. I don't pretend to fully understand Marxism though.

      Note: I didn't mean to declare capitalism always leads to socialism but that it possesses certain weaknesses which Marxism seems designed to exploit. I just wish our side were more willing to attempt to adapt as a means of resisting those who wish to destroy us.


      So the true Marxist seems to desire anarcho-capitalism and such. That's their final phase in the absurd Marxist mythology. That's what they mean by "communism".

    3. Thanks and quite often I just use the term Collectivist.

    4. I don't mean to pester you of course. I dislike the word "collectivist", because I fear it suggests an "individualist" is the alternative. Similarly the word "statist" suggests "anarchist" as the alternative.

      And I'm very much a nationalist. I believe society should be viewed as a whole, but I obviously don't want centralisation as an individualist would suggest. I think Mises, for example, did not like nationalism. So, I tend to lump classical liberals together with Communists. I just view any alliances as an alliance with Satan. But I think they all collectively hate us.

    5. Thanks, love Mises and here's Sobran on anarchist.

  3. As a small child the communists in their hall across the street from the business told me that eventually all people like me would be gone from America. I was told that by others here in the USA and in travels around the hemispheres. That was an interesting group of old commies there that I had talked with as a kid. Most were Eastern European Communists who were retired union garment workers.

    1. Interesting. I believe it was late in 1975 when I went to a Vietnamese affair in Little Saigon. Communists showed up with their red arm bands and were literally chased out of the hall by Vietnamese women brandishing umbrellas. :) Wish there had been a video of that. Unfortunately, some of the Boat People's children have been indoctrinated in publix school, so not all are as their parents. Might be of interest.
      The young man in the middle with his tie at half-mast is Aguna. His father was a junior officer in the South Vietnamese Navy and accompanied me to TSN for the evacuation flight in April 1975. My wife, one of her young brothers, two of her young sisters, and two of my daughters flew to the PI that day on a C-141 cargo plane. As we were about to leave, he asked if he could go along, and I stated that since his country was still fighting the foe, that I couldn't in good conscience allow this. Fortunately, he escaped along with his entire family as one of the "Boat People" later. Aguna was born on the boat, which was named Aguna, and hence his name.