Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Comment on "Dangerous"

Comment By Anonymous on Dangerous

"I did not know Trump wore a *bullet proof vest (* He also CCW's) but I do not know why I just didn't assume this to be the case.  Hillary, it's just plain old common sense. Link
While it is the truth, the Clinton's play to the death, literally. Trump has been wearing a bullet proof vest since July 2015 for a reason.
His life is in danger every time he steps out of Trump Towers.
Trump humiliated Clinton last night badly in front of the whole world. As I wrote in an earlier column, if Trump is elected I believe Loretta Lynch will bail as Attorney General. I believe she should also be indicted for obstruction of Justice. One would think Trump would quietly ask for James Comey's resignation as FBI chief.
Trump would become a hero of this country if he appoints a new AG and FBI Director (who pass the senate) that open a real investigation and/or refer Clinton's email disaster as well as the Clinton Foundation to a special prosecutor. THAT's what Hillary Clinton fears more than anything else Trump throws at her.
Even 'Teflon Don' John Gotti's luck ran out; he died in prison.
Trump will not forget what Clinton's henchmen have done to him.
Likewise, Hillary will not forget the lashing she took Sunday night by Trump.
Republicans in the House are not going to give up on their investigations. Clinton doesn't care about them as long as Lynch and Comey remain in their jobs and, God forbid, she is elected. It's Trump in the White House that scares her and her masters. Hillary Clinton is a globalist who will go into the Oval Office with one goal and that is the total and complete destruction of our sovereign nation. Open borders, trade agreements that reduce us to rags made in other countries, continued massive unemployment and more. Like promising to raise taxes on the middle class (while the zombies at her event clapped and nodded their empty heads) and put all coal miners out of work. Yes, she said those things."

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