Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Remove Paul Ryan from the GOP, Speakership and replace him in the upcoming election.

Via Teri

Paul Ryan has repeatedly failed to represent the will of the people, advanced legislation antagonistic to Republicans and Republican principles and has, most recently, betrayed the Republican voters of this Country as well as his implicit duty to support the Republican Presidential candidate, Mr. Donald J. Trump (for whom the people voted in historic proportions).

Paul Ryan is not a Republican and, therefore, he should be removed from his Speakership position and replaced in his upcoming race.
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  1. The whole of Congress should be replaced, except for Jeff Sessions, and even he seems ineffectual most times. They have let Obama literally get away with murder. Spineless shanks......especially that McCain two-faced bastard.

    1. There ain't but one box left if The Benghazi Butcher wins.

  2. After this election, I think the airports should be closely watched. We don't want to see "some" people leaving too soon.
    Everyone should be around to enjoy the party!