Tuesday, October 4, 2016

F.A.T.S – FireArms Training Simulator

Comment by avordvet on Why Do Police Sometimes Shoot Unarmed People?

 FireArms Training Simulator
And that would be the reason LE uses the FATS http://www.ammoland.com/2011/07/fats-firearms-training-simulator/

Problem is, they maybe use it a handful of times at the academy and that's it. Some departments have their own and are able to do an annual qualification, but those are few and far between. I've used the simulator a number of times with Mil/LE, and it is a fantastic training aid, bringing up many scenarios that are not run into on a daily basis.

I've also drilled a few bad guys before they brought a weapon into a firing position just by watching and analyzing their behavior... then again I popped a few that were pulling out a cell phone and/or wallet. Thats what makes the system so good, as all engagements can be analyzed and learned from.

Biggest problem is the cost of the FATS, most departments can't afford 'em as a stand alone training aid.


I recently had the opportunity to try out the F.A.T.S training system after taking a level two Urban Pistol class at the Police Academy range.

The class was fantastic but after it was over, I peeked in the room where the F.A.T.S training sessions were being conducted.

F.A.T.S stands for FireArms Training Simulator.

It is an entirely interactive system that uses a computer program, a large screen and very realistic firearms that are loaded with computer chips instead of ammunition. It looks somewhat like a big video game, but it is definitely not a game.



  1. While working with a Military Police unit that was using FATS, I was running LE scenarios with the Marines.

    Afterwards they asked me and another instructor I had served with, if we wanted to run some milspec scenarios... hell yeah!

    So my partner and I took the M16's and BAM we were on a firebase in vietnam, we could hear the cong down below, next thing you know wave after wave of vietnamese came piling over the crest of the hill... we were working those guns as fast as we could popping the mags and reloading, taking many of the aggressors out.

    Although we made a heavy dent in the assault, we were overrun and killed... the Jarheads just nodded in approval at the kill rate and said how would you like to do that in real life... I just winked and said 'thats why we have Marines. ;)

    1. I just winked and said 'thats why we have Marines. ;)

      Ha! :) That would be fun with no one shooting back! :)

  2. My cousin is a cop in a town north of NYC. He tells me that the county academy has one of these systems, but that they are allowed to use it, maybe once a year for training, that's it. Why, you ask? One word - money. It costs the department money to send them, it costs the department money to hire other people to fill their slots on overtime as they go for training and when all is said and done, municipalities DON'T want to spend any more money than the state says they have to. The state regulations say that they must qualify at least once per year. Once that's done, the municipality WILL NOT allow them to go for any further training.
    Going on their own time? There has to be an instructor at the facility to run the program so they can practice. If the county can't provide one, no dice. Again, it all comes down to money.

  3. They could easily afford these simulators on what a new set of MRAP tires will cost them.

    They can also get PC versions of this for VERY cheap. watching it on youtube isn't as good for training, but it is better than "we couldn't afford the best, so you get nothing".

    I used similar systems in the Army and they can be very good trainers. It is up to the leadership to fill in the training gaps. For example, knowing when to skip the gun fight and just knock the bad guy to the ground. Shooting isn't always the best answer.

    1. watching it on youtube isn't as good for training, but it is better than "we couldn't afford the best, so you get nothing".

      Excellent point.