Friday, October 21, 2016

Forrest Rides Again! Victory in Memphis! City Council Request to Move Confederate Statue DENIED!

Never stand and take a charge… charge them too.--Nathan Bedford Forrest

 he request for a waiver to the Tennessee Heritage Preservation Act of 2015 in order to remove the Forrest statue HAS BEEN DENIED!
God has blessed our Heritage Warriors with a great Victory! 

Memphis City Council's request to move the monument has been DENIED.  Congratulations to the Memphis Brigade, Sons of Confederate Veterans, and all those who helped win this battle.  Those in attendance said the discussion was brief and the decision to protect the monument came swiftly.
The war against our heritage is not over, by any means, but this victory, and scores of others like it across the country are serving to inspire others to rise up and join our ranks, and will serve to further discourage municipalities from even considering similar actions, knowing the attempt will to lead to further division among citizenry, countless wasted hours and resources, and taxpayer money tossed away in unnecessary and expensive legal fees. 


  1. Glad to hear that!! I was up on Highway 29 in Danville the other day, and saw that the big Southern Flag was not flying!? Anyone know why it wasn't up?

    1. They are in the process of repairing/replacing those which were damaged in the storm. Thanks for noticing! :)

  2. They don't make statues like this anymore. Should Obumma
    have a statue, it will looks somewhat like this: HA
    They can't make history disappear. The real history will
    always be here; just have to look in the right places,
    read the right books.